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Talking about collabs

Collabs are the best thing one could think of stepping out of your comfort zone :D Letting your babies go and trust the process is what it takes to create sincere art and especially, to get a different perspective.

Loved working on this piece with super talented Esther Franchuk, while she was visiting Sweden this winter

Yes yes, so what?

Well the fun thing is that I am up to yet another random unexpected collaboration. No joking, I was in my happy place yesterday, doing my best to kill the white:

The little reveal of this week is that today I have a planned art session with a random art guy that came by my mini studio in Gamla Stan (Stockholm) the other day. The guy is a pop/street artist, we chatted and though it would be a cool idea to swap our sketches so we build up our own pieces on top of them. We'll see how that goes!

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