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Developing your abstract voice

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Being an artist is not an easy thing. It's like entrepreneurship, you cannot really be a serious one if you don't challenge yourself.

The whole May I was working creating my new collection of abstracts, to be debuted in the event in July at MADS Milano. Abstracts are quintessential artistic expression, really you can't compare them to anything else and also they are super fun, its like a self-discovery journey each time :D

Long story short>

I have created five abstracts with one particular goal: not to have much planning, just go with the moment and try to make sure each next piece is done with a different style than the previous one!

Daze was my first abstract of the series. The main theme in this one was to explore the mark making, lines and contrasting colours.

Midnight was a piece n2. To oppose the previous one, I used the wide brush strokes, warmer tones and more atmosphere by using more dark background space.

To contrast the previous piece and create a different atmosphere, Midsummer was made with the warm hues: yellows, browns and reds, more light atmospheric airy background and using organic and golden leaf

Lost in Summer is one of the warmest and, personally to me, very magical pieces. It has so many layers, one can say, probably, consists of five different paintings. Each of the paintings lead to the final one, with abundance of golden hues, warm pinks, golden leaf and very free and untamed brushstrokes. Definitely one of my favourites :D

Well as you remember, the next piece had to be something completely different from the previous one. It wasn't easy! Here I made it a little bit more calm. yet with a multilayered texture and first time with scribbles that intentionally reveal the underlying paint as well as adding the extra texture to the covering layer. Very calm and dreamy piece, took some thinking and going into another mood flow to create this one.

Last one, outside of the exhibited collection, but I didn't want to skip it, because it is so so different from there rest!

Abstract oil on paper. Stockholm 2021
Inspired. Oil on paper. Seden 2021

What can I say :D

This one was done, to contrast the previous, with no planing on thinking at all! Only so it would be something different. I am totally amazed how the art is coming to life, obviously these 6 pieces have been created in different styles and different moods. Could you believe it could come from the same artist though?

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