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New piece alert!

This month is a special one, not only I am participating in the challenge of experimental abstract, I also happen to be working on a new collection of abstracts that will be exhibited in Milan in June :D

2 pieces are done, 3 more in progress and I have to say abstract in progress is a tricky thing. Its like you are never sure you are totally done, because it is no object based and you see no clear signs that it can be better, based on shape and proportions. Well at least not in my type of abstracts.

Today, however, I decided to stop and let this latest piece see the light! I officially let it go and baptise it to "midsummer" because it reminds me of that hazy dusk of the midsummer, when we usually have this longest solar day of the year.

I really love the way it turned out and I particularly start enjoying this pure subconsciousness flow, its like being possessed by a magical spirit, because when you step out of the canvas and see where it arrived, you stand in total bedazzlement over where did all this come from :D I think I can become quite a fan of that!

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