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Why study fine art for 5 years to become a professional fine artist?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

So I thought when I first applied to the mastery program fall 2019 .

The whole idea, like many other ideas in my head, came out of feeling of a challenge. I have never been particularly interested in doing arts, all my life I have been doing a lot "serious" stuff, like taking education in Management and IT Science. Like really, make living on being artist, only gave me flashbacks to la Boheme and Mimi dying in poverty in her cold attic in Paris.

Well I wish I had an attic in Paris I do, but maybe not the second part. Not really my style

The legend goes that year 2019 I have been visiting Milan (Italy) like almost once a month. I really enjoyed being there and I even though I definitely had to try to get a job there, to experience living and breathing in that Italian capital of fashion. I have been interviewed for the job a couple of times, but nothing seemed to work. I almost gave up and the day I thought that it wasn't destined, out of the blue, I get this on my instagram feed :

Looking lie nothing less than a destiny call I though no more and signed for a year mastery program. The Milan art institute is run by a family of artists Eli Milan and Dimitra Milan. I guess the year, as I asked the universe was meant for me to be spent in a Milan institution after all!

My first ink mark making experiment

The programme was fantastic, I really enjoyed what I have learned and I have discovered the artist in me, that seemed like, was dormant, waiting for that magic moment to come. I really think doing art is one of the most ultimate ways of self healing, there are so many emotions come out on the canvas, especially of you learn to let you conscious control go and allow your pure subconsciousness to choose the intensity of colour, the brushstrokes, the (oh my, the most loved thing for me) mark making!

I never would have though I would be doing what Im doing now just a year ago. I created my first portfolio, I have been in 2 galleries (also in Milan!), I have even started a company to support other new artist in their career, to help them with social media marketing, shop and more.

The real treasure though is all my new friends, the business partners, the thinkalikes, the ones that work for improving our society with more art, helping each other and promoting healthy aesthetics.

My favourite fantastic four :

Jennu Geuken. A surrealistic expressionistic realist
Turning chaos into beauty Sanne Bunte

Pia Vehl. The most genuinely funny artist. Live, laugh, love

We are sharing our journey, laughing on flops, cheering success and supporting each other in our artistic growth

The art coaches and great art conversation buddies that manage to keep me motivated from another side of the Atlantics

Dafni Milan

Bumped into Esther Franchuk in Milan

And off course,

The travelling soulmate artist and ever so lasting

Esther (CinqueTerre) Franchuk

(who deserves a completely separate post)

Finding a gallery without Royal Academy of Arts behind my shoulders, scammed, tricked into paying services that literally gave nothing back, yada yada yada, joining a digital gallery and how it went is also a whole different story, as well as putting effort into another art community project. All this I and other stories are coming soon >D

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