I am a professional fine artist, based in Sweden , Stockholm

My art is hugely inspired by light and sense invoking imagery.  ​Flow, emotion and magic are three words that could describe my art.

I rarely follow the same technique, mostly I work with acrylic inks mixed media and oil and each month I create an experimental piece of art to be auctioned to an affordable price. The reason of that is that together with a group of other artists we want to bring change to the market and make art accessible and affordable.

Someday I will be living in my attic somewhere at lake Como and spend days creating and developing art community. For now the year 2021 seem to be looking quite busy and If I should set up visions, I believe I will be helping more artist reach their dreams and I will be working on a street art project, because I believe art should be accessible for everyone, art is something that brings back magic into our life.¨

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