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I am a professional fine artist, based in Sweden , Stockholm

My professional art career stared only recently. Summer 2019 I have got enrolled into  an international financial art programme MAT and suddenly it felt like everything fell into place. It was like finding a way back home

A am a very adventurous kind, I have moved to Sweden when I was only 20 and I have been a lot of challenges and adventures, I have but a successfull career within management consultantship and coaching for tech companies, I love working with people and help them grow.

At the moment I am working on my portfolio and developing an art community here at Art Studio n7. Adventurous as I am I love to travel,  meet new people and help people develop and grow. During the day I am a suit up delivery manager consultant, as soon as the bell rings 5 p.m. I turn into an artistic creator.


Someday I will be living in my attic somewhere close to lake Como and spend days creating and helping new artists. For now the year 2021 seem to be looking quite busy and If I should set up visions, I believe I will be helping more artist reach their dreams and I will be working on a street art project, because I believe art should be accessible for everyone, art is something that brings back magic onto our life.

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